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What are the benefits of a rubber membrane roof? Besides its efficiency at preventing leaks, a rubber membrane roof powerfully moves water off of the surface of your roof. In the rare case that your rubber membrane roof in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area needs to be repaired, R & N Roofing are the trained repairmen to call. Contact us to repair leaks and cracks before they begin to cause serious structural damage to your property.

Although it may be easy to forget about your aging roof when it is functioning as expected, when problems such as a leak arrive, hesitation is not an option. That's why our roof membrane repair services are provided right away in any roofing repair emergency situation. Immediately taking care of your local roof membrane repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area is a smart decision, ensuring savings in the future.

Commercial Roof in Minneapolis, MN

Best TPO Repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul, & the surrounding area

From the ground level, your roof might look like it is in top shape, although looks may be deceiving. Allow our roofing experts to spot signs of damage and potential problems to your TPO roof in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. When the TPO seams begin to separate and water flows under the TPO sheet, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Choose R&N Roofing—a company that takes their jobs seriously.

Various Roofing Repair Specialties in Minneapolis

Hot tar roof repair is essential when you want to avoid the cost of tearing off and replacing your current roof. Perhaps areas on your flat roof are ponding water and creating troublesome leaks. No need to worry when you have R&N Roofing on your side! We work quickly to take care of all hot tar roof repair needed so you can get back to business.

Deterioration of your EPDM roof is evidenced by chalk-like residue found on the surface of your roof. Feel confident that with our company, rubber EPDM roofing repair is both affordable and reliable.

Ice Dams & Roof Ice Removal: Minneapolis Area

Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities area residents have been turning to R&N Roofing for years for the removal of ice dams from their roofs. Using steam to remove ice dams requires someone who is knowledgeable and experienced—two characteristics that you find in all of our roofers!

Take care of your rubber roof membrane in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Seven County Metro area in Minnesota and it will take care of you and your facility. Contact us today to find out how.