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Need a new roof, but you're not sure whether to tear off the old or overlay with the new? Allow R&N Roofing to guide you in the right direction when you contact our experienced and trained personnel for commercial tear offs in Minneapolis and surrounding areas today!

When our roofers tear off your roof, they get the chance to inspect the conditions of the roofs substrate, or the surface of the structural roof deck. If your roof substrate cannot hold as much weight due to its poor condition, it is not fit to support an addition roof, such as an overlay. That's when your business needs a commercial roof tear off service available throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Seven Country Metro area. Additionally, most jurisdictions won't allow the addition of a third layer of overlay if your roof already has two layers - making a tear off even more essential.

Commercial Tear Off Roof in Minneapolis, MN

Best Roof Removal 

Luckily you live in the service area of R&N Roofing, a company dedicated to providing the most affordable and best roof removal in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Surrounding area. A full tear off is beneficial to your roof because often damage is found below the surface of what may look like a perfectly fine roof.

If you choose an overlay over a tear off, damaged materials under your roof could continue to rot under the new roof, therefore, shortening the life of the brand new roof. A roofing overlay could compound the original problem!

Why Should I Choose a Local Roofing Removal Company?

Conveniently available throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Seven Metro County area, R&N Roofing is here for your company when you need us most. Don't pay more for a commercial roofing business that can't get to you right away. We are located in your neighborhood to react speedily when you have a leak or other concern.

Now that you know why roofing tear offs are superior to overlays in most cases, don't hesitate to contact us right away. Waiting another day or week can compound your roofing problem and increase expenses out of your pocket. Turn to our dependable company available throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Surrounding area in Minnesota.